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Green Belt Certification Training Upgrade from Yellow Belt

Cost: Contact us for quote.   Duration: 2 days

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This 2-day Green Belt Certification Training Course is intended for existing Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt or those who have equivalent workplace experience.  This exam based international certification is the fastest path for you to become a Green Belt.

The Yellow Belt Training provided fundamental skills in the Define, Measure and Control steps of the DMAIC process. This upgrade to Six Sigma Green Belt course provides you with significant more in-depth knowledge and skills in the Analyse and Improve phases, and empowers you with the ability to really drive improvements in your workplace.

Learning Outcomes

During this course, participants will enhance their skills to the Green Belt level and develop:

  • Ability to use a structured approach to process improvement
  • Ability to use all steps of DMAIC (with a focus on Analyse and Implement) methodology
  • Skill to achieve sustainable quality improvement through process improvement
  • Understanding of the tools of process discovery
  • Understanding of variation in processes
  • Skill to reduce variation in processes and achieve predicted outcomes
  • Ability to identify, measure and analyse process potential
  • Usage of inferential statistics
  • Usage of hypothesis testing
  • Understanding when to use which Six Sigma methodology
  • Ability to use Capability Analysis to control processes
  • Knowledge of the interdependence of Lean tools
  • Skill to prevent, identify and control defects
  • Understanding and use of statistical process control
  • Skill to train, document, monitor, respond, and align systems
  • Skill to provide sustainable and cost-effective improvement in processes  


Prior to accepting your enrolment, you will be provided with an IASSC Practice Test to confirm your existing knowledge, and if accepted, we will provide you with the IASSC authorised Green Belt training materials a week before the course runs, so you can review the materials beforehand and pick up the training without missing a beat.

 This upgrade course includes days 4 and 5 from the complete 5-day Green Belt course.  It picks up from where the Yellow Belt training left off.

 By moving up from the Yellow Belt to Green Belt, you will learn and develop substantial skills in the Analyse and Improve phases of DMAIC.

 LSS Green Belt Define Phase

Brief review of Yellow Belt content

LSS Green Belt Measure Phase

Brief review of Yellow Belt content

LSS Green Belt Analyse Phase

Phase Description:

The Analyse Phase of the DMAIC methodology is constructed to introduce important Lean Six Sigma tools for isolating critical factors.  There are nine modules in this phase:

Welcome to Analyse

“X” Sifting

  • Perform a Multi-Vari Analysis
  • Interpret and a Multi-Vari Graph
  • Identify when a Multi-Vari Analysis is applicable
  • Interpret what Skewed data looks like
  • Explain how data distributions become Non-normal when they are really Normal

Inferential Statistics

  • Explain the meaning of the term “Inferential Statistics”.
  • Describe the basic tenets of the Central Limit Theorem.
  • Describe the impact of sample size on your estimates of population parameters.
  • Explain Standard Error

Intro to Hypothesis Testing

  • Articulate the purpose of Hypothesis Testing
  • Explain the concepts of the Central Tendency
  • Be familiar with the types of Hypothesis Tests

Hypothesis Testing Normal Data Part 1

  • Determine appropriate sample sizes for testing Means
  • Conduct various Hypothesis Tests for Means
  • Properly Analyse Results

Hypothesis Testing Normal Data Part 2

  • Be able to conduct Hypothesis Testing of Variances
  • Understand how to Analyse Hypothesis Testing Results

Hypothesis Testing Non-Normal Data Part 1

  • Conduct Hypothesis Testing for equal variance
  • Conduct Hypothesis Testing for Medians
  • Analyse and interpret the results

Hypothesis Testing Non-Normal Data Part 2

  • Calculate and explain test for proportions
  • Calculate and explain contingency tests

Wrap Up & Action Items


LSS Green Belt Improve Phase

Phase Description:

The Improve Phase of the DMAIC methodology is constructed to introduce important Lean Six Sigma tools for properly controlling solutions.  There are five modules in this phase:

Welcome to Improve

Process Modeling Regression

  • Perform the steps in a Correlation and a Regression Analysis
  • Explain when Correlation and Regression is appropriate

Advanced Process Modeling

  • Perform Non-Linear Regression Analysis
  • Perform Multiple Linear Regression Analysis (MLR)
  • Examine Residuals Analysis and understand its effects

Designing Experiments

  • Determine the reason for experimenting
  • Describe the difference between a physical model and a DOE model
  • Explain an OFAT experiment and its primary weakness
  • Shown Main Effects Plots and interactions, determine which effects and interactions may be significant
  • Create a Full Factorial Design

Wrap Up & Action Items


LSS Green Belt Control Phase

Brief review of Yellow Belt content