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Body Language Training

Cost: Contact us for quote.   Duration: 1 day

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The ability to understand body language is a powerful skill that will help you interpret what people are saying unconsciously. Known as "non-verbal communication", body language represents 55% of person-to-person communications, so learning how to use it and read it will give you a real advantage in improving your ability to communicate with others both in the workplace and at home. 

The pd training 1-day Body Language course teaches you how to recognise the body language of others, while also helping you become more aware of what your own body is communicating. You’ll learn how to read facial expressions, hand gestures, body posturing, voice variations and unconscious movements.  You'll also be exposed to the differences in genders and how to use body language to your advantage.

Our fascinating Body Language training courses are available now throughout Australia, including Brisbane, Sydney, Parramatta, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra and Perth.

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Course Foreword

The ability to interpret body language is a skill that will enhance anyone’s career. Body language is a powerful, subconscious form of communication, and just like any other form of communication, it can be improved with practice. Whether in sales or management, it is essential to understand the body language of others and to know exactly what your own body is communicating.

This intriguing professional development training course will teach you the secrets of how to identify what people are really thinking and feeling as expressed by their body posturing, hand gestures and facial expressions. There are also cultural differences to take into consideration as some cultures have very vivid and wild gesturing while others are very somber and reserve. There are also gender-related body language patterns that require consideration too.

Course Outcomes

In this course participants will:

  • Learn how to translate gestures into words
  • Understand the difference between open & closed body language
  • Learn how to avoid common body language mistakes
  • Gain insight into the differences in body language between genders
  • Understand the signals you're sending to others
  • Learn the role facial expressions play in body language
  • Learn how to use body language to strengthen your negotiations
  • Understand how body language can expose deception
  • Learn how to match words with movement to instill trust

Course Outline

Body Language Training Course - Lesson 1
  • The Parking Lot Explained
  • Course Objectives
  • Taking Action
Body Language Training Course - Lesson 2
Communicating with Your Body
  • Interpret a New Language
  • The Power of Paraverbal Communication
  • Bodies Speak Louder than Words
Body Language Training Course - Lesson 3
How to Read Body Language
  • Head Movement
  • Translate Gestures into Words
  • Open vs. Closed Body Language
  • Watch Eye Movement
Body Language Training Course - Lesson 4
Body Language Assumptions
  • Common Postures
  • Personal Space Invasion
  • Reactive Movements
  • Fidgeting and Boredom
Body Language Training Course - Lesson 5
Male vs Female Variations
  • Facial Expressions by Gender
  • Personal Space Differences
  • Common Female Body Language
  • Common Male Body Language
Body Language Training Course - Lesson 6
Nonverbal Signals
  • Gestures and Hand Signals
  • Sending Signals to Others
  • It's Not What You Say, It's How You Stand
  • What is Your Posture Communicating?
Body Language Training Course - Lesson 7
Facial Expressions
  • Emotions Displayed
  • Micro-Expressions
  • Facial Action Coding System (FACS)
  • Universal Facial Expressions
Body Language Training Course - Lesson 8
Body Language in the Workplace
  • Communicate with Power
  • Cultural Differences
  • Building Rapport and Trust
  • Using Mirroring
Body Language Training Course - Lesson 9
Are They Lying?
  • Hand Movements
  • Forced Smiles
  • Eye Movement
  • Changes in Posture
Body Language Training Course - Lesson 10
Using Body Language
  • Becoming Aware of Your Signals
  • Communicating with Confidence
  • Posturing Explained
  • Practicing in the Mirror
Body Language Training Course - Lesson 11
Match Your Words with Your Body
  • Involuntary Movements
  • Say What You Mean
  • Staying Consistent
  • Actions Will Trump Words
Body Language Training Course - Lesson 12
Workshop Wrap Up
  • Words from the Wise