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Instructor Led Courses

Desktop Applications




Programming - VBA

Course Name Code  
Access VBA 2007 ACVBA07 Details
Excel VBA 2010 ELVBA10 Details



Word Processing

Office Upgrades


Professional Development

Lean Six Sigma

Online Courses

Best Selling Online Learning Courses

Compliance and Governance

Equal Opportunity and Sexual Harassment

Ethics and Conduct


Course Name Code  


Trade Practices and Consumer Affairs

Health and Safety in the Workplace

Course Name Code  
Armed Robbery Survival Skills 38103 Details
Asbestos Awareness ZASBESTOS Details
Communication, Consultation and Representation (WHS) LSEATSTDISL02Z Details
Compliance Essentials New Zealand Work health and safety 2.0.0 98955 Details
Compliance Essentials New Zealand Workplace bullying 2.0.0 98929 Details
Compliance essentials work health and safety 2.0.0 98899 Details
Compliance essentials workplace bullying 2.0.0 98898 Details
Emergency Management 1.0.0 96594 Details
Fleet Safety 101 1.0.0 95611 Details
Forklift Safety 1.0.0 91504 Details
Hand Hygiene 46427 Details
How to manage WHS (WHS) LSEATSTDISL01Z Details
Incident Management (WHS) LSEATSTDISL04Z Details
Introduction to Safety Leadership (WHS) program 55272 Details
Introduction to Safety Leadership program LSEATSTDISL Details
Making and Reviewing Emergency Plans (WHS) LSEATSTDISL03Z Details
Manual Handling 1.0.0 89365 Details
OHS Communication and Consultation LSEATSTDISL02B Details
OHS How to Create a Safety Culture LSEATSTDISL01B Details
OHS How to Formulate Workplace Emergency Plans LSEATSTDISL03B Details
OHS Incident management LSEATSTDISL04B Details
OHS Plant Safety OHS09_PS Details
OHS Risk Management Process LSEATSTDISL05B Details
The Risk Management Process (WHS) LSEATSTDISL05Z Details
The SAFE Files Electronic Communication and Social Media in the Workplace 3.0.0 98903 Details
The SAFE Files Work Health & Safety 3.0.0 98908 Details
The SAFE Files Workplace Bullying 3.0.0 98909 Details
Working at Heights 1.0.0 95591 Details

Managing People and Business

Leadership and Management


Leadership and Management Qualifications

Course Name Code  

Project Management Qualifications

Course Name Code  

Human Resources Qualifications

New TAE Skills Sets

Individual Modules

Course Name Code  
BSB20107: Certificate II in Business v2 LS_BSB20107_V2 Details
BSB20112 Certificate II in Business BSB20112_BRAVO_LS Details
BSB40212 Certificate IV in Business BSB40212_BRAVO_LS Details
BSB40407_Certificate IV in Small Business Management BSB40407_V2_LS Details
BSB40407_Certificate IV in Small Business Management BSB40407_V2_LS Details
BSB40507_Certificate IV in Business Administration (BRAVO) BSB40507_BRAVO_LS Details
BSB40812 Certificate IV in Frontline Management BSB40812_BRAVO_LS Details
BSB41013 Certificate IV in Human Resources BSB41013_BRAVO_LS Details
BSB41513 Certificate IV in Project Management Practice BSB41513_BRAVO_LS Details
BSB50207 Diploma of Business (BRAVO) BSB50207_BRAVO_LS Details
BSB50407_Diploma of Business Administration (BRAVO) BSB50407_BRAVO_LS Details
BSB50613 Diploma of Human Resources Management BSB50613_BRAVO_V1_LS Details
BSB51107 Diploma of Management (BRAVO) BSB51107_BRAVO_LS Details
BSB51413 Diploma of Project Management BSB51413_BRAVO_V1_LS Details
BSBADM405B_Organise Meetings LS_BSBADM405B Details
BSBADM406B_Organise Business Travel LS_BSBADM406B Details
BSBADM502B_Manage Meetings LS_BSBADM502B Details
BSBADM503B_Plan and Manage Conferences LS_BSBADM503B Details
BSBADM504B_Plan or review administration systems LS_BSBADM504B Details
BSBCMM401A_Make a presentation LS_BSBCMM401A Details
BSBCRT501A_Originate and develop concepts LS_BSBCRT501A Details
BSBFIA401A_Prepare Financial Reports LS_BSBFIA401A Details
BSBFIA402A_Report on financial activity LS_BSBFIA402A Details
BSBFIM502A_Manage Payroll LS_BSBFIM502A Details
BSBHRM403B Support Performance Management LS_BSBHRM403B Details
BSBHRM404A Review Human Resource Functions LS_BSBHRM404A Details
BSBHRM405A Recruit, Select, and Induct Staff LS_BSBHRM405A Details
BSBHRM505A_Manage remuneration and employee benefits LS_BSBHRM505A Details
BSBHRM506A_Manage Recruitment, Selection and Induction Processes LS_BSBHRM506A Details
BSBHRM507A_Manage separation/termination LS_BSBHRM507A Details
BSBITU202A_Create and use spreadsheets LS_BSBITU202A Details
BSBITU402A_Develop and use complex spreadsheets LS_BSBITU402A Details
BSBLED502A_Manage programs that promote personal effectiveness LS_BSBLED502A Details
BSBMGT401A_Show Leadership in the Workplace LS_BSBMGT401A Details
BSBMGT402A_Implement Operational Plan LS_BSBMGT402A Details
BSBMGT403A_Implement Continuous Improvement LS_BSBMGT403A Details
BSBMGT502B_Manage People Performance LS_BSBMGT502B Details
BSBMGT515A_Manage Operational Plan LS_BSBMGT515A Details
BSBMKG413A_Promote Products and Services LS_BSBMKG413A_STAR Details
BSBREL401A_Establish Networks LS_BSBREL401A Details
BSBRES401A_Analyse and Present Research Information LS_BSBRES401A Details
BSBRSK501B: Manage risk LS_BSBRSK501B Details
BSBSMB401A_Establish Legal and Risk Management Requirements of Small Business LS_BSBSMB401A Details
BSBSMB402A_Plan Small Business Finances LS_BSBSMB402A Details
BSBSMB403A_Market the Small Business LS_BSBSMB403A Details
BSBSMB404A_Undertake Small Business Planning LS_BSBSMB404A Details
BSBSMB407A_Manage a small team LS_BSBSMB407A Details
BSBSMB408A_Manage personal, family, cultural and business obligations LS_BSBSMB408B Details
BSBWOR402A_Promote Team Effectiveness LS_BSBWOR402A Details
BSBWOR502B_Ensure team effectiveness LS_BSBWOR502B Details
BSBWRT401A_Write complex documents LS_BSBWRT401A Details
TAE40110_Assessor Short Course v2 LS_TAE40110_A_V2_X Details
TAE40110_Workplace Supervisor Short Course v2 LS_TAE40110_WS_V2_X Details
TAEDEL301A_Provide work skill instruction LS_TAEDEL301A Details
TAEDEL401A_Plan, organise and deliver group-based learning LS_TAEDEL401A Details
TAEDEL402A_Plan, organise and facilitate learning in the workplace LS_TAEDEL402A Details

Personal Development Assessments

Self Development

Customer Service and Sales - B2B

Customer Service and Sales - B2C

Project Management

IT and Computing Applications

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft Project

Microsoft Access

Microsoft Operating Systems

Industry Sector Training

Financial Services

Course Name Code  
Anti-money Laundering Awareness 97193_X Details


Course Name Code  

Welfare and Aged Care

Local Government