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Instructor Led Courses

MS Office Applications




Programming - VBA

Course Name Code  
Access VBA 2007 ACVBA07 Details
Excel VBA 2010 ELVBA10 Details




Office Upgrades


Professional Development

Leadership and Management

Communication Skills

Personal Development

Sales and Customer Service

Finance Administration

Human Resources and Team Building

Project Management

Lean Six Sigma

Online Courses

Best Selling Online Learning Courses

Course Name Code  
Asbestos Awareness ZASBESTOS_X Details

Compliance and Governance

Equal Opportunity and Sexual Harassment

Course Name Code  
Compliance Essentials Consumer Law 3.0.0 103120 Details
Compliance Essentials Equal Opportunity in Employment 3.0.0 103121 Details
Compliance Essentials New Zealand Equal Opportunity in Employment 3.0.0 103258 Details
Compliance Essentials New Zealand Sexual Harassment in the Workplace 3.0.0 103269 Details
Compliance Essentials New Zealand Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Program 3.0.0 103275 Details
Compliance Essentials Trade Practices 1.0.0 103134 Details
Law at Work Competition Law 1.0.0 102854 Details
Law at Work Consumer Law 1.0.0 102850 Details
Law at Work Electronic Communication and Social Media 1.0.0 102588 Details
Law at Work Equal Opportunity in Employment 1.0.0 102586 Details
Law at Work Health and Safety 1.0.0 102589 Details
Law at Work Misleading and Deceptive Conduct 1.0.0 102851 Details
Law at Work Privacy 1.0.0 102585 Details
Law at Work Sexual Harassment 1.0.0 102587 Details
Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse in Schools 1.0.0 103463 Details
The SAFE Files Consumer Law 4.0.0 103457 Details
The SAFE Files Electronic Communication and Social Media in the Workplace 4.0.0 103461 Details
The SAFE Files Equal Opportunity in Employment 4.0.0 103460 Details
The SAFE Files Misleading Conduct and Competition Law 4.0.0 103453 Details
The SAFE Files Privacy 5.0.0 103455 Details
The SAFE Files Sexual Harassment in the Workplace 4.0.0 103454 Details
The SAFE Files Work Health and Safety 4.0.0 103452 Details
The SAFE Files Workplace Bullying 4.0.0 103458 Details
EEO - Best Practice Recruitment Guidelines EO06 Details
Equal opportunity in employment for managers and executives 1.0.0 100206 Details
Fair Work Act (2009) General protections 1.0.0 100200 Details
Fair Work Act (2009) Managing poor performance and misconduct 1.0.0 100201 Details
Fair work act (2009) national employment standards 1.0.0 100202 Details

Ethics and Conduct



Trade Practices and Consumer Affairs

Course Name Code  

Health and Safety in the Workplace

Managing People and Business

Leadership and Management


Personal Development Assessments

Self Development

Customer Service and Sales - B2B

Customer Service and Sales - B2C

Project Management

IT and Computing Applications

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft Project

Microsoft Access

Microsoft Operating Systems

Industry Sector Training

Financial Services

Course Name Code  


Course Name Code  

Welfare and Aged Care

Local Government

Course Name Code